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   Please check the travel restrictions before booking.  We put the health and safety of the community first.  Please abide by government guidelines and travel if necessary. Know more

A wonderful trip starts from here

We provide you with a good travel experience. Use this COUPON, You will get a 40% Off discount when you make the first book.


Drop the cases, See more places

Find a local place to store your luggage

Book your space in a few easy clicks with our safe online booking system

Leave your burdens, Travel with ease


Our hosts are carefully selected and are well-established local businesses that allow you to travel with peace of mind.


Book and pay online before departure. Saving time searching for lockers and enjoying more time on travel.


Every piece of luggage includes a guarantee. Big luggage is NT$3,000, and small luggage is NT$1,500.


Daily fixed price applied.
Available to drop off and pick up at the scheduled times and during opening hours.

Big Luggage

The luggage where the longest side is longer than 45cm

(e.g. suitcase, bicycle, stroller, etc.)

Small Luggage

The luggage where the longest side is shorter than 45cm

(e.g. laptop, shopping bags, etc.)

How UMiStash works?


Our hosts are local businesses who have been verified and approved by the UMiStash team, waiting to welcome you all across the cities.