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Become an UMi host

Start earning extra income

Introduce your shop

Set your own price

The rent and opening hours are at your own discretion. It can be adjusted according to different needs, and free to upload or remove.

Simple management

UMi manages all the customers’ booking process for you, you just need to arrange a clerk in the store to pick up their luggage.

Extra income

According to our survey, about 70% of customers will spend in-store. Provide special discount information to customers and increase more customers.

How to join us ?

1. Become a partner
Select the option to become a partner in the registration field. If you are already a normal member, you can apply for “become a partner” selection in the normal dashboard.
We will review your information within 3 days. You will be informed of the result of the review from your registered mailbox.
2. Set your store
After approval. Add new and set up your store on your dashboard. Upload your picture of shop, details of shop and price settings.
3. Booking order notification
After the consumer books, you will receive the order details in your mailbox. You can also see the order details on your dashboard. After receiving the order, if you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible. partners@umistash.com
4. Drop off the luggage
When consumers arrive at your store. Confirm the order number of the consumer, the identity and the amount of luggage. After confirmation, you need to take pictures of the consumer’s luggage to avoid the problem when the consumer pick up the luggage. Then take the luggage to a safe place
5. Pick up the luggage
When the consumer comes to the store, you need to reconfirm the consumer order details and identity.
Upon completion, you will allow consumers to pick up the luggage.
6. Get paid
UMi will settle your order every month, and automatically pay to your bank account regularly. No need to spend time managing, easily increase additional store revenue.


1. Who can become a UMI partner ?
If you have a store, hostel, or office and have spare secure storage space, you can apply to become a partner. In most regions, becoming a UMi Stash partner is not difficult, and it’s completely free. UMi Stash stores can be rented according to their type of space.
2. How to ensure the safety of consumers' luggage?
The terms of use specify the types of items that cannot be stored.
If there is any violation, the partner can cancel the order.
The partner also has the right to check the items that the customer needs to store. If the customer cannot cooperate with the check, the partner also has the right to cancel the order.
3. What to do if the consumer does not pick up their luggage ?
Two days after the order time, the consumer did not contact the partner or pick up their luggage.
Partners have the right to deal with luggage in accordance with your policies.
4. How to handle payments ?
All payments will be processed through the proper security by UmiStash. We will pay the commission to partners on the 10th of every month.