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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe and secure ?

Definitely. All of our UMi hosts are carefully selected by us and have a secure area to store your luggage.

What if I want to drop off or pick up my luggage during non-business hours ?

You can only drop off or pick up during the store’s business hours.

Charge method and luggage size ?

The price is determined by the store, there are currently two types, Large luggage and small luggage.
  1. Large luggage: Maximum side length exceeds 45 cm (luggage, backpack, stroller, etc.)
  2. Small luggage: the maximum side length is not more than 45 cm (handbag, briefcase, etc.)

Why can't I see the store address ?

For security reasons, we cannot let you see any address on the website to prevent our partner stores from receiving accidental or unregistered users.

When will I receive the exact address of the store ?

After the booking is complete, you will receive an email with the complete store information you need.

Charge by the hour or by the day ?

Our price is based on 24 hours.

Where can I find a UMi host ?

Link to our Find A Location page. You can find your location by the map, search bar or filter. If you don’t find a Umi host in your location, write to us at hello@umistash.com and we’ll try our best to find you the closest one! If you would like to join us to be a UMi host, get in touch!

Can I leave my ID, passport or travel documents in my luggage ?

Please do not leave them in your luggage. These are important documents and you should keep them with you at all times.

Can large luggage be stored ?

Large bicycles, musical instruments, golf equipment, etc. can be stored in the box. The size or weight is limited to the size that one person can carry (the maximum weight is 20 kg). Furniture and other items that cannot be carried by one person cannot be accepted for storage. In addition, since there may be situations where the store judges that it cannot be stored, if you have special needs for luggage storage, please contact us first to confirm.

Should I book in advance ?

Yes, the contact detail of the UMi host will only show on your booking confirmation. And in order to make sure the host has a space for you, it is better to book in advance to secure your booking.

Does the booking have to be made online ?

Yes, the booking can only be made online for security purposes.
The booking process will only take you a  few minutes. We’ve made sure our website is mobile friendly. Cash payments in the store are not accepted.

I'm running late, can I still drop-off or pick-up my luggage ?

If it is during the business day of the shop, you don’t need to contact the shop or customer service, you can go directly to drop off or pick up your luggage. In case the store is closed on arrival, you have to wait until the next business day to drop off or pick up your luggage. If you cannot confirm the itinerary beforehand, it is recommended to make a reservation on the same day or choose a 24-hour shop.

The store is not open or no one is there ?

If you find that the store is not open or there is no one, please contact us first. If we do not respond within a few minutes, please try to contact the store directly. If there is still no way to contact, please search and reserve other stores nearby. We will cancel your original reservation and refund the full amount later.

What is the process of UMi luggage storage ?

After arriving at the Umi host. Please show the proof of your reservation to the Umi host (You can either print it out or show on your mobile phone), and provide the host with your order number and the luggage.
The UMi host will take a picture of the items placed as proof of storage when dropping off the luggage. If you don’t want your luggage to be photoed, you might be refused to store your luggage. Please understand.
When picking up your luggage, please provide again your booking confirmation and ID. Once verified the host will return your bag to you.

I don't need to store my bags anymore, can I get a refund ?

We can refund you if you contact us one day before your scheduled day. If you cancel your order on the day of your scheduled day, you will not be able to get a refund. Please note that the platform will charge a 10% refund service fee.

Can I change the size or quantity of my booking when I show up ?

It is not possible to cancel or change the reservation content on the day of luggage storage. If the amount of luggage to be stored needs to be changed, if the quantity needs to be temporarily increased, please inform the staff after arriving at the store and fill in the order directly online to book. If you need to reduce the number temporarily, I ’m sorry I ca n’t do it because the store has prepared space for you. If the storage or retrieval time is changed, as long as the store is open during the business day, there is no need to change it on the system.

Number of days that can be stored ?

The minimum booking period for luggage storage is one day. Check the shop page to see if you can reserve multiple days. ※ The maximum number of days that can be stored varies depending on the condition of the store. If you want to make an appointment for more than 14 days, please contact customer service and provide the following account information.
・ Name
· Email address
・ Name of the store where you want to make a reservation
・ Date and time of deposit and retrieval
・ Luggage size and quantity

Items that cannot be accepted ?

  1. Valuables (including but not limited to: cash, stock, banknotes, stamps, paid documents, statements, personal stamps, official papers, credit cards, cash cards, jewelry, gold, silver, other precious metals, diamonds and other precious jewelry, artifacts, art, rare collectibles, badges, seals, other personal items)
  2. Items with strong magnetic properties with potential hazard to nearby items
  3. Items with a Flammable/poisonous hazard (Including but not limited to: oil, gasoline, gas tanks, matches, lighters, compressed gas, flammable liquid/solids, paint, fertilizer, explosives, drugs, gunpowder, poisonous items, items with radiation properties)
  4. Perishables, frozen items, refrigerated items, fruits, plants(seeds and flowers), animals, items with liquid leakage, spoiled items
  5. Carcasses, animal remains
  6. Items with a strong odor
  7. Medical items, medicine
  8. Trash and items with the intent to dispose
  9. Items breaking public safety laws (Marijuana and other dangerous drugs, guns, weapons, ammunition, and other items prohibited to carry under Taiwan law)
  10. Please note that the host has the right to refuse storage items of any kind that they see as unfit, dangerous or inappropriate. The host has the right to open and check the contents of your luggage should the store believe the customer is carrying inappropriate items inside. Customers will be fully responsible for any trouble and loss that may arise from maliciously depositing the listed items above. UmiStash will not be held responsible for any trouble or damages caused by depositing the above-listed items in any way

Can I booking under my name but drop-off or pick-up by someone else ?

This method is not recommended, but if you have to hire someone as a last resort, please do as follows:
  1. When storing, inform the store that someone will pick it up.
  2. When picking up, show the order detail or letter on behalf of the person who retrieved the luggage
If the luggage is lost, stolen, or damaged due to deposit or retrieval by an agent, we and the partner store cannot be held responsible.

Can part of my luggage be retrieved ?

Whether your check luggage can be removed or returned partway depends on the store. If you need to retrieve some luggage during the storage period, please check with the store staff beforehand if it is possible.

Can I pick-up my luggage early ?

Yes. You can pick up your baggage as early as possible during the payment booking period and during the store’s business hours.
However, as the storage space for the day has been reserved for you, we will not be able to provide a temporary cancellation of the refund. Please note that once the baggage is taken out, the service is completed. If you need to place it again, you will have to re-book it online.

Can’t find your answer? We are more than happy to answer your question!

If it’s an urgent matter, please contact our online customer service.