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Located in Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area, the location is located in the Shuishe Shopping Street, near the Shuishe Pier, Chaowu Pier, Xiangshan Visitor Center, Jiuzu Cultural Village, Wenwu Temple, Peacock Garden, Ci’en Pagoda, Hand Kiln, Xuanzhang Temple, Xuanguang Temple, etc Popular attractions, travelers can ride bicycles along the world’s top ten most popular bike lanes around the lake; they can also take a sightseeing yacht around the lake for a week to enjoy the sparkling lake and water; you can also taste the well-known authentic Special snacks and creative cuisine, enjoy a pleasant and pleasant trip to Sun Moon Lake.

It has a cute pale pink building exterior and provides a number of warm and simple suites and Japanese-style rooms. The rooms are simple and clean, and the size is suitable. The simple furniture and simple decoration design provide a comfortable and quiet space for travelers. , To create a warm home-like a home for visitors, so that you can enjoy a rich and diverse journey and deep relaxation during a rare vacation.

The homestay is equipped with a bicycle service station of Gongxueshe, which provides bicycle rental, and has professional engineer quality maintenance to make your riding safe and secure. The
the accommodation offers rental privileges.


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