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You are the source of ideas

Hotels, always plan room furnishings, sofa locations, large towels in the bathroom and small towels on the top. You only need to follow the furnishings to move, check-in and check out without much thought. Life is a series of norms.

Come here, travel in your own way, sleep in the most comfortable space, look at the crowd with the eyes you want, and in silence, it is wonderful.

You are the beginning of the story

Standing two floors high, creating a bright and relaxing resting space, please sit quietly and share your story, and let the travelers nearby tell you how beautiful the night view of Jiufen and the streets of Germany Without stray animals, Venice might soon disappear ……….

Goodness comes from sharing, happiness comes from listening.

Taiwan Humanity and Culture Exchange Station

We may not have the most clever appearance, but please stop and tell us what you want to see in Taiwan and the feeling of Taipei. Let us share with you our most unique Taiwan with every enthusiasm. The text and every smile are sharing with you the ancient cultural heritage and warmth of Taiwan.

If you also have a small story to tell, and one thing you always wanted to know about Taiwan, we are waiting for you.


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