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Neihu Traditional Ice Shop for more than two decades

Ice products: (Summer-limited)

All our dishes are cooked in the morning and handmade, taro balls, sweet potato balls, and other traditional dishes.

Health Beancurd: Handmade and made with soybeans and salt sauce imported from Canada.

Red bean soup, peanut soup: winter limited

In addition, hand-made health beancurd is also made of salted milk, without any lime ingredients, plus hot ginger juice is a good thing to keep warm in winter.

** Other handmade frozen dumplings in winter: vegetarian, Korean (including Taiwanese black hairy pig) and leek flavors. The production process is cut from vegetables to the final product is completely handmade, without adding any sesame oil and other additives. Focusing on health and wellness, welcome to inquire

This store is a fond memory of many children and friends, and it is also the favorite of the neighbor Obasan, mom and dad. Welcome to patronize.

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