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    07:00 - 23:00
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It is established by a group of people who love to travel. We offer 8 ~ 17 people and other rooms. The rooms are clean, comfortable and have a sense of design. Of course, we also provide exclusive rooms for girls, so that female guests have a safe, comfortable and comfortable living environment. In addition to providing clean sheets, duvet covers, pillows and personal electronic lockers, our beds are also fitted with curtains to enhance personal privacy.

We are located in Hanzhong Street, and the building provides an elevator, so you don’t need to worry about climbing up the floor with your luggage.

For everyone’s sleep quality, large luggage will always be sent to the luggage rack area outside the lobby. When you are ready to enter the room, please bring your personal valuables into the room.

Free Wi-Fi, central air conditioning, free tea bags and coffee / coffee, tea, personal towels and earplugs are provided throughout our building.

Our saloon also has a kitchen function. You can sit here on the sofa, relax or read a variety of books, watch videos and cultural exchanges from time to time, or you can learn about cooking with other travelers. We welcome you to share with you Travel story to anyone.

Our balcony overlooks the Ximending Walking Area. At night, you can take a break with your new friends on the balcony and share today’s travel experience, while feeling the excitement of Ximending at night, look up and feel the tranquility of the night sky.


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