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This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the UMiStash Service Agreement. By agreeing to the UMiStash Service Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy. UMiStash will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We value your privacy and protecting user privacy is a key principle of UMiStash. Before you use the services provided by UMiStash, please read the following privacy protection carefully


1. User information

UMiStash respects and protects the privacy of all users of the UMiStash website. UMiStash will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except with the prior permission of this Privacy, UMiStash will not disclose or provide this information to third parties except in the following cases

  1. In order to obtain more services, the user agrees to let the third party share the information
  2. Agree to disclose personal information in order to enjoy products and services
  3. According to relevant laws and regulations
  4. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant judicial or government authorities
  5. The account or password was illegally used by others due to the behavior of the hacker or the negligence of the user
  6. Any personal data leakage caused by notifying the user’s password or sharing the registered account with others
  7. User violates UMiStash’s Terms of Service or other UMiStash usage regulations
  8. When human life, body or in order to protect property, you cannot get your consent


2. Privacy

UMiStash has the right to perform internal analysis of the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database without revealing the privacy information of individual users


3. Safety

Our website has appropriate security measures to ensure that the information we hold is not lost, misused and altered. These security measures include backing up to other servers and encrypting user passwords. Although we have these security measures, please note that there are no “perfect security measures” on the Internet. Please protect your personal information and do not provide it to others. If you find that your personal information has been compromised, please contact UMiStash Customer Service immediately so that we can take the appropriate measures to minimize your losses


4. About the use of cookies

Using cookies can help you personalize your online experience. You can accept or decline cookies, and most web browsers automatically accept cookies; But you can usually modify your browser settings to reject cookies according to your needs, and you can still access most of UMiStash’s pages. The purpose of using cookies is as follows

  1. Save time by simplifying the use of multiple platforms or multiple browsers
  2. Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of the UMiStash operating platform for our improvement and optimization
  3. Show you more of what you like


5. Cooperative company

We choose reputable third-party companies or websites to provide users with information and services as our partners, but each partner has a different privacy policy than UMiStash. Once you click into the partner’s website, the UMiStash Privacy Policy will not be in effect. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of the partner website and understand the partner’s rules for collecting, using, and revealing your personal information


6. Disclaimer about user information

UMiStash does not assume any legal responsibility for the occurrence of the following related matters

  1. The disclosure of any personal information caused by the user’s password or the sharing of the registered account with others, or the disclosure of other personal information that is not caused by UMiStash
  2. UMiStash provides your personal information as required by law or government policy
  3. Any temporary website closure due to hacking attacks, computer virus intrusion or government regulation; any consequences due to force majeure
  4. Any dispute arising from the use of your personal information by any third party in accordance with the UMiStash Terms of Service and the statement
  5. UMiStash’s use or disclaimer as stated in the various terms and conditions of service